Phoenix is a truly amazing woman. Initially I went to her because I wanted to do something fun and interesting with my sister while she was in town, but I have become a regular client. I walk out of every session with her feeling brighter, more in tune with myself, and guided by a sense of purpose. Phoenix is open, honest, and she has a true desire to help people live spirited, authentic lives that fulfill them. Her energy is vibrant. Her work is essential and she's profoundly good at what she does. She will put you at ease and assist you on an amazing personal journey. I am happy to call her my mentor.
Jessica Walker

Hi Phoenix! 
I just realized something big shifted. I don't know if you remember me saying that while growing up, no matter what was going on, I always thought that my life was really good. In fact I often wondered when it was going to get bad. I thought this until about 2005, and that's when I realized my life wasn't so grand. I don't think I was in pure denial prior to this; I think I was really connected to spirit and in the flow of spirit guiding me. I probably had to on some level to survive.
Well guess what's back? The realization that my life is really good. It's actually GRAND! Yes, I'm using that word deliberately, but it's accurate. It doesn't mean everything is perfect and that there are no struggles; but being centered in spirit allows me to face the world with joy. Its like being in love, but instead of being in love with someone else, I'm in love with me and with life.  Thank you for helping me find that again!

I have had the delight of enjoying a variety of Phoenix's services and am pleased with the results I have experienced.   I have participated in many personal and business coaching sessions with Phoenix as well.   These sessions were highly meaningful and impactful.  I was able to use what I learned immediately and it has helped me to show up in life as the person I wish to be.  Thank you, Phoenix!
ManDee Nogle, MS, CCC-SLP

The Brain Fitness and Training Center, LLC
605 Cherry Street, Suite 320 A
Belton, MO 64012
(913) 954-7007

Over the past 4 years I have from time to time worked with Phoenix through my Health and Wellness Studio as she is an amazing Hypnotherapist.  My business is located in a Historic building, and many have occupied the building over it's 100 year history.  As our business has expanded into more areas of the building we began noticing a heavy feel to our space.  Some of our clients and our office and therapy staff commented on how scary the hallways felt, like a dark presence was there, and the feeling was very uncomfortable.
Phoenix was the first person I thought of to help.  I have felt the power before of "clearing" a space with sage or burning some salt, but the power of what Phoenix was able to do for the building, business, and staff is more than monumental!  Phoenix's training and ability to be open to guidance and energy is phenomenal!  She and her apprentice came to my space and literally swept, burnt, and wrapped up the negative energy removing it from our sacred space.  She then facilitated a powerful blessing on our space which included intentions of abundance, joy, healing, generosity and love. 
Our space feels amazing!!!  We all feel liberated and are very grateful to Phoenix for this awesome experience.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone who feels stuck or weighted down by negativity.  Phoenix is truly expressing her life purpose in the way her soul intended.
Patti Stark
Serenity on the Square

Phoenix is one of the wisest, most gentle and caring souls on the planet.  Her work in every area is authentic and touching.  She has given me the platform to transform my life and consciousness, and I am grateful for her positive presence in my life every day.  She is ashining light of hope, love and wisdom!


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