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"Sacred, Spirited, & Sexy has helped me to open my heart, allow myself to be vulnerable, & overcome my fears."

Are you ready to

  • feel your sexy?
  • know what you really enjoy?
  • understand your anatomy?
  • take your fulfillment into your own hands?
  • communicate your pleasure?
  • own your flirt?

Then Sacred, Spirited, & Sexy is ready to help you get your sexy on!

Starting September 6th we will embark on a journey of fabulous, fun, sensuous exploration. This is a 10 session class designed to stretch your relationship to your sexual pleasure.

Final Registration Date August 24th!

We will

  • release old sexual trauma
  • revoke family beliefs that no longer serve us
  • become aware of our own limiting behaviors
  • learn more effective communication skills
  • explore our own taboos
"It is my purpose to help women live their lives more fully from their hearts. I created Sacred, Spirited, & Sexy as a way to help you enjoy what you want, need, and desire."