Sacred, Spirited & Sexy Deposit

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Sacred, Spirited & Sexy Deposit


This is a deposit toward the final cost of Sacred, Spirited, & Sexy.  This deposit will reserve your space in the class. 

There are 2 payment options for the balance of $495:

1 payment of $495 due September 1st


2 payments of $270(1st payment due September 1st, 2017 & second payment due October 1st 2017.)

This deposit reserves your spot in the class, it is non-transferable & non-refundable.

Class dates are every Wednesday September 6th, through November 8th (10 sessions) from 6pm-8pm.  Classes will be held in person at Spirited You 4614 Terrace St KC, MO 64112.


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In our culture we tend to define sexuality for women as breasts, vaginas, a certain dress size, etc. You cannot be distilled down to those finite measurements.  Join me as we learn about everything from female anatomy, physiology, self care, solo and partnered sex, to effective communication.  You will be amazed at how much influence your waxing and waning relationship to your sensual/sexual self has on your every day experience in the world.
I know that I personally was never taught how to explore my own sexuality.  I was told how my body would reproduce if I had sex, and that I better not let that happen until I was married! That was pretty much the entirety of my sex education. Until I took it upon myself to figure out how all of this worked for me.  Just when I thought I had a good handle on it I entered Peri-menopause!  I had to go back to start and figure it out all over again.  I have also been a community sexual health educator for many years now so I have combined all of my knowledge, skills, and resources into this class.

While I am an advocate for sexual health for everyone, I am not the appropriate teacher for men at this time. This is an exclusively female class.  I support men in finding an appropriate sexual health teacher in their community