• Is your life inspiring you?

  • Are you ready to find and experience your passion?

  • Do you forget that you are a spirit having a human experience rather than the other way around?

  • Can you tell me the last time you felt honored and revered for being yourself?

Take this opportunity to join in a community of women who are ready to delve into their divine feminine selves as we uncover what has kept you from truly embodying these aspects, and celebrate a new level of awareness as a tribe of divine women supporting each other in next level living.

We will use storytelling, movement, music, and creative flow to explore and express ourselves throughout the course of the weekend. Dress comfortably as we will use some simple asanas (yoga postures) to deepen our experience.   Women of all abilities are invited to participate in the Women On Fire Retreat.

Expect to leave this small, intimate retreat renewed and passionate about yourself, life, and how you plan to move forward in the world.

Join Phoenix and Desirae for a two day exclusive retreat. Only 10 total spots available!