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 I facilitate your breakthrough processes with

  • Shamanic Coaching

  • Teaching & Speaking

  • Channeling

  • Readings

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Energy Work

  • Breath Work

  • Apprenticeships

  • Workshops & Retreats

  • Conflict & Grief Resoloution

  • Group Sessions


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WHAT I DO: I work with clients to approach the spiritual and psyche from different pathways. “Like spiritual cross-fit” as one client calls it. It’s not just approaching psychology or traditional coaching, it’s a spiritual approach to our work together to help you deal with any areas of life that aren’t working as well as you’d like them to or any areas you’d like to accelerate results.

HOW I DO IT: Through 1:1 coaching in a variety of modalities to workshops and retreats, I teach you to maximize your own gifts and healing to create a life you love. We work together with Spirit to get a clear picture of where the current decisions you are making are taking you and examine what’s on your plate now. We identify tools that you can use to start taking action immediately. People tend to be unconscious of the current decisions they are making and how those are impacting their experiences in life. We bring light to those hidden roadblocks.

WHO I WORK WITH:  My clients are homemakers to executives and bridge all age ranges and professional spectrums and can be located anywhere in the world. I’ve had people from all walks of life - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist all resonate with my work. Spirit supersedes any human definition or organization.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: So many people today are focused on what's not working in their lives; they can't even see what is working. I flip that around – I provide guidance to explore where you are and where you've been and bring healing to those hurts. It’s about practical skills and a process to move forward. Together, we create healing from within so you can project your light and healing and beauty in the direction you want for your life.