Empathy & Boundaries: Finding a Balance

An online course for people who want to create healthy boundaries and feel good about it.

In our culture, we are taught that we are suppose to say “yes”.  That if we say “no” it means we are hurting or punishing someone.  We hear that we need to create healthy boundaries for the people in our lives, but we seem to fumble around trying to figure this out and in the meantime we feel guilty and upset others.  In Empathy & Boundaries you will:

  • Find the space to be kind to yourself as well as others

  • Be freed up emotionally, mentally and physically -- you’ll have more time!

  • Spend a lot less time feeling guilty

  • Feel like you are in the driver’s seat of your life

  • Be able to learn not to take it personally when someone else says “no”

This for people who want to:

  • Create healthy boundaries in their life

  • Understand the difference between empathy and sympathy

  • Channel their empathy and use it as a tool

  • Find the middle ground between being shut down or overwhelmed

Who this is NOT for:

  • If you are fully committed to saying yes to everyone in your life to everything

  • Believe that being busy is the definition of success

  • Want every “no” to feel like a personal rejection

What is included:

  • 6-module online course

  • Videos & Worksheets for each module

  • Tools for finding balance

  • Private Facebook community

  • Mid-week Q&A check in with Phoenix


“I’ve turned into the woman my business needs me to be.” B.R., 51 years old

“When my friend gets mad at me for saying “no” and hangs up the phone on me, I know it’s not about me.”  Gracie R, 7 years old.

“Complete miracles! I went from a state of hopelessness to a state of excitement. I've used that power to gain strength in other areas of my life, my career, my motherhood, and relationships.” T.M., 44 years old.

“I have been able to identify things that have held me back and that has freed up space to have experiences that are congruent with what I want in life.”


When will I receive the modules?

Each module of the course will be delivered to you on Monday in order to get a fresh start to your week and will have lots of opportunity to practice.

WHEN will I receive my first module?

the 1st module will be release january 7.

What if I miss a week?

You will have access to all the modules as soon as they are released.  

How does the mid-week check in work?

You can post your questions to the private Facebook group and once per week Phoenix will answer your questions.

What if I have more questions?

Contact Phoenix here.  

If you are saying “yes” when you want to say “no”, then Empathy & Boundaries is for you.  You will be able to do the things YOU want to do, and BE the person you want to be. When you learn how to set boundaries, it will change your life for the rest of your life.