One On One

Shamanic Coaching

Coaching sessions with Phoenix in person, on the phone or via These sessions can consist of 'Where are you going and what road do you want take to get there", a private channeling session, Mediumship, Card Readings, maybe even an opportunity to do ceremony depending on how spirit guides our private session.

Shamanic Walk

Let's get out of the office and into nature! You have the opportunity to have all of the same elements of a shamanic coaching session only we will be immersed in the creative energies and medicine of the plants, animals, earth, and water. Such a powerful addition to your immersive session

Energy Work

This is an in person session with phoenix at spirited You's office. Take an hour or two to relax into my healing space as i help you balance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. (you can schedule this as a coaching session and simply let me know in the notes that you are requesting Energy Work.)


Transformative breathwork is a powerful tool for rapid healing. Using a particular breathing pattern you access cellular memories stored from past traumas in order to release them up and out of the body. This practice can be experienced dry (in the Spirited You Healing space) or wet in warm water. (To schedule a dry session simply schedule a 90 minute coaching session. to schedule wet simply chose the breathwork session on my scheduling page.)

Private Apprenticeship

For Those Ready to dive deep into their spiritual Journey. Contact Phoenix to find the right fit for you.



Spirited Tribe

A new spirited You offering

Spirited Tribe is an opportunity to get everything you want in one place. You will receive expert coaching while building community in a group coaching setting. we will meet Remotely weekly via This is your platform to build tribe while creating the life you need, want, and desire. More info Here. Starting June 18th Space Is limited.

Empathy & Boundaries Class

I don't know about you, but as a kid I was taught to do what I was told. Why are we surprised when we leave home and go out into the world we are so fabulous at understanding our own or others boundaries, much less how to respect them?  Most of us are more afraid of being called a jerk than the consequences of not honoring our own well being. Empathy & Boundaries is all about understanding boundaries, figuring out what our own are, and practicing expressing them.  If you struggle with saying no this class is for you!

Sacred, Spirited, & Sexy

Sacred, Spirited, & sexy is all about find your red hot sexy! This class is exclusively for women. This is sacred space to join other women in a classroom filled with medically accurate and life affirming information. I create a safe space for all to share their your journey or relationship with their personal sexuality.

Way Of the Spirited Shaman Apprenticeship

Returning in  2019!

Way Of the spirited Shaman apprenticeship is a two year program where you will have the opportunity to learn a wide array of spiritual tools & develop spiritual leadership in your life, work, and relationships.