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The 2019 Apprenticeship is sold out, please check back for information about our 2020 offering. To be the first to know about upcoming dates, be sure to get on the Spirited You mailing list.


WSS Is Starting In April!

The Way Of The Spirited Shaman apprenticeship will launch in Kansas City on April 13th, 2019.

  • Are you longing to feel connected?

  • Know your intuitive, but not sure how to utilize it?

  • Ready to put spirit to work in your everyday life?

In the Way Of The Spirited Shaman apprenticeship you will receive training in a wide variety of spiritual disciplines from many areas of the globe.

My work with you is to teach you tools that you can take into your daily life, play with and then refine in ways that are most powerful for you.  I am leading this two year journey to help hold the space for you to become what you most need, want, and desire from this lifetime. 

I am here to help you uncover your greatest gift, give you support as you grow your confidence to take your own spiritual leaps, and to cheer you on as you rise above your previous experiences of yourself.

What you can expect from this 2 year apprenticeship.

  • Deepen your connection to your true psychic/intuitive self

  • Learn fabulous empathy & boundary techniques

  • Connecting with spirit in new & supportive ways

  • Forgiveness that can be as joyful as it is freeing

  • Learn shamanic journeying

  • Experience spirituality as play and support

  • Connect with other amazing people on deep spiritual journeys

  • Energy work that can be used in your daily life

  • Multiple divinatory tools

  • Achieving trance states

  • Spiritual leadership tools

  • And so much mo

We will be gathering together in person for the first time in Kansas City April 13th & 14th 2019.  It will be two days packed with information and connection.  This apprenticeship is limited in the number of people who can attend.  In order to participate you will commit one year at a time. People will participate from all over the country, don't miss out on this unique & life giving opportunity!

The WSS apprenticeship is an opportunity to fully explore your connection with spirit in all aspects of your life including personal, professional, mental, emotional, and physical.

  • The full apprenticeship will last 2 years

  • The first year will consist of Spiritual Tools

  • The second year will focus on Spiritual Leadership

  • You will be asked to commit one year at a time

  • We will meet in person twice the first year

  • We will meet as a group online once a month for 10 months the first year

  • We will meet in person 4 times the second year

  • Our in person meetings will require 2 consecutive days of participation

If you are interested in being one of the select apprentices click here to reserve a space in your preferred location. I am excited to guide you on this amazing journey!