Imagine a time outside of time, nestled in the shadow of Pike's Peak with space to breath, to move, to connect.


Spirited You

Gaia Connection

Colorado Springs, CO August 24th-27th 2017


HEART, Mind, Spirit, & BODY?

Do you feel disconnected from your heart and the world around you?  Do you break promises to yourself and go to bed each night disappointed?  Are you ready to wake up each morning excited for the coming day, trusting you will be the very best YOU possible?  Come join us to awaken your sleeping passions through ancient Shamanic Ceremony, art, writing and movement!

We are super excited to announce that we will be spending late August exploring our connection with nature, ourselves, and our communities.  Join us for an incredible retreat with Phoenix, Desirae Vallier, JoAnn Haynes, and Lisa Thuer.  We will spend our days in ceremony, movement, creating art, and writing about our amazing journeys. We will even journey to Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center to connect with their resident wolf pack.

Your registration will include all retreat activities, food, and your room. (We also provided a non-residential option for those who live close or prefer to stay in a hotel for single occupancy.) The Franciscan Retreat Center is able to accommodate gluten free and lacto-ovo vegetarian food needs.  This was a huge reason for our choice of facilities, it's a major bonus that it's beautiful, peaceful, and connected. :)

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Phoenix-Owner Spirited You

Phoenix is a Shamanic Coach, guide, & teacher to women all over the country.  She established Spirited You with the mission to help people learn to live their lives from hearts, filling themselves so that they can live their lives in purpose.  She has traveled all over the world learning from teachers of all backgrounds, eventually distilling core truths about life and spirit into her own personal & professional practices.

Art and Creativity are a gateway to the realm of intuitive possibilities.  When we can let go of preconceived notions of what is art and go back to a time when there were no rules when creating art, we have a direct connection to our higher selves.

My name is Jo Haynes, I am a shaman, artist, creator and a crone.
I am an eternal optimist and love life and all it brings with it.


Desirae Vallier

Hi, I'm Desirae, I am a writer, licensed mental health counselor and coach.  I love writing, dancing, skipping, hiking and playing in the dirt!

Throughout my life, I have carried a journal with me, documenting, clearing and giving gratitude.  Writing can sometimes feel daunting.  Yet when one dives into ink and paper, something magical happens.  The art of writing allows a deep connection to our own truths and desires.  It reveals hidden wounds and uncovers sacred healing. 

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife


Lisa R. Thuer

In my earlier career, I found myself living with stress, anxiety and exhaustion.Although I worked to maintain balance through marathon running, spinning and high intensity training, I realized I was not cleansing my body of trauma and stress.I no longer wanted pain to be part of my story so, I found a new path in yoga practice.

Along the way yoga began to heal my body, mind and soul!When teaching yoga I aspire to empower students cultivating a mind -body- prana connection. My vinyasa flow is luscious and juicy. Participants build heat (fire) and burn what isn’t working, essentially strengthening, grounding and creating space for love and solace.Release, spread love, and relish in the sweetness of life! Namaste

Lisa currently holds 200 RYT, Personal Training, Tabata & Spinning Instructor Certifications

                               The beautiful Franciscan Retreat Center

                               The beautiful Franciscan Retreat Center