I Need A Love Spell!


What are your boundaries?

The other day I answered my phone to an abrupt, loud, "Are You A Psychic?!" I was just walking out of an appointment and it took me by surprise. I have to say I thought twice before taking it, I don't usually answer calls from unknown numbers between appointments because if it's a new person wanting lots of information I want to be able to talk when I have time.  Spirit was clear that I needed to take the call.

I said, "yes, how can I help you?" The woman on the other end was obviously distressed, and not a native English speaker. She yells back, "can I trust you to tell me the truth?" I assured her that I would answer her questions to the best of my ability, and asked how I could be helpful. She questioned my honesty again, and I responded that if I could help I would say yes, if not my answer would be no as I don't like people to pay me to fail, not good advertising for my business.

She proceeded to tell me the country she was from and the country the man she had been seeing was from. (Both Middle Eastern) She shared that she had broken the rules of her culture and slept with him and now he was threatening her. I immediately understood her fear. He was telling people in their community about their indiscretion, and in their culture it could be deadly to her. Yet I was still unclear how I could be helpful.

I asked again how I could assist her and she said, "I need you to cast a love spell on him." I was momentarily in shock because all I could think of was her physical and emotional safety.  As soon as I recovered I stated that this was something I absolutely could not do. I am a firm believer that you cannot (and should not try) to create for others. She was almost hysterical with fear, "tell me someone who will!  You don't understand the danger I am in!" I know the danger is very real for her. I urged her to contact Rose Brooks Center. Attempting to explain the work they do, she shut me down.

 Eventually she hung up on me, and I don't blame her, she was so incredibly stressed.  I know that there are people who would take advantage of her situation. I hope she finds safety and happiness. However for me, I am huge on the understanding that boundaries keep people physically, emotionally, and mentally safe.  I cannot sell or trade my boundaries and sleep at night. I had someone at my pilates studio ask me if I was reading everyone during my workouts. The answer is always no. Unless you have asked me to work on your behalf I have no interest in delving into your life.  I would not be able to stay sane. Even when I read for people professionally I have to keep clear boundaries, not everything/everyone in existence has our best interests at heart. Also when it comes to creating for others, how would you feel if someone was intentionally and consciously attempting to manipulate your experience of reality?  For me that would be betrayal.