This is what anorexia looks like on me.

This is what the perpetrator's pain looks like painted on my very cells.

This is what self hatred used as medicine tastes like.

This is the price of the shell game, "If I was only ... I would be loved/lovable."

I was 5'9" and barely 100 pounds.

At this same time I was being stalked by a co-worker. My boss had informed me that my stalker had asked him to testify on his behalf in my restraining order case and the only reason he said no was because if I later turned up dead HE didn't want to feel bad.

All I could see was that I felt alone in the world. Thank god for my recovery. For all of the amazing women who held space and saw who I really was/am. I would not be here today without the love and vision of those powerful women.

Today, listen.
Today, open your circle.
Today, see someone else's best self when they cannot.
You may just save a life.