SeWhat? What is a seguro and how can it be utilized.

For those of you who have visited my office and my mesa in person you probably noticed my own personal seguro without ever realizing what it is.  It's a beautiful little bottle filled with herbs and sacred waters that sits in the northwest corner of my mesa. It is a subtle energy that many times goes unnoticed. It was one of the first ceremonies I received from one of my long time mentors.  I love this piece.

If you were to visit shaman in the Andes themselves you would typically find multiple seguros on each of their mesas. Seguros are created for a mutitude of reasons.  The literal translation of seguro is safe or sure.  Your seguro is your ally in creating safety and security.  Each piece is created by a shaman for a specific purpose.  The shaman will gather all of the herbs, oils waters, (many will ask you to submit a passport sized photo) and pieces to go into your seguro and place them on their mesa for prayers and ceremony before combining them together in a bottle that will become the container for this healing medicine.

When you receive your personal seguro you will be asked to keep it in a place that is sacred to you.  This medicine piece is considered active and lively.   When I connect with my seguro I tip it upside down 3 times saying, "I call me back to me." Then I offer some of the waters in it to my apacheta and proceed to refill it with an offering of fresh sacred water.  You can utilize it's energy for divination, connection, direction, and healing with the sacred.

How would you utilize a seguro in your life?