What Do You Do?

Wow, how to answer this question? lol

For the last 20+ years I have been developing my coaching practice. I found that traditional coaching only addressed one aspect of the person or business. When I folded in the spiritual aspects people really came alive and felt seen, heard, and transformed.
I have studied with teachers from all over the world; lived on an ashram in India, studied in Thailand, a Swedish former Tibetan monk, a quero from Peru, and more. All of these diverse experiences showed me the core spiritual truths that run through all paths.
There are 3 things I am really known for
1) Finding your enthusiastic yes!
2) Celebrating all spiritual paths.
3)Teaching and practicing clear effective communication.
Coaching a client from an incredibly unhappy government job to the publication of her novel she had wanted to write since her teen years, navigating another from the debilitating grief of the sudden conclusion of a 20 year relationship to thriving in her mental/emotional life, and helping a client negotiate cutting her work hours in half while maintaing the same salary are just a few of the hundreds of stories I get to celebrate with my clients every day.
I am so honored and privileged to be of service to my clients joy and fulfillment.
Live Your Heart Out Loud!